Coconut Oil for UTI: How to Use Coconut Oil for UTI, Is It Good, Natural Treatment

The symptoms of urinary tract infection or UTI may vary depending on age or sex. Is coconut oil good for UTI? Does coconut oil help in treating UTI naturally? In this post, learn how you can use coconut oil for UTI

Coconut oil has a chain of fatty acids, which are beneficial for human health.  That means the oil can be used to get rid of UTI or bladder infection. It has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties that can kill bad bacteria but does not kill the good bacteria.

Coconut Oil for UTI and Kidney Infection
Coconut Oil for UTI and Kidney Infection

UTI should be taken seriously, because if not treated it may cause kidney infection. Doctors prescribe antibiotics for this condition but sometimes it may resist and may come back after treatment. Coconut oil can be used to cure UTI.

Symptoms of UTI

Before we look at how coconut oil can cure UTI, let’s see the symptoms of bladder infection. Here they are:

  • Pain in your back or lower abdomen.
  • Smelly urine that some may have blood spots in it.
  • A burning feeling when passing urine.
  • Frequent or intense urge to urinate.
  • Feeling sick or tired.
  • High fever.

How to Use Coconut Oil for UTI

Do you know that you can use coconut oil to cure UTI? Learn how to use coconut oil to treat infection of the urinary tract.

How to use Coconut Oil for UTI
How to use Coconut Oil for UTI

Here’s how to use:

  • Add 2-3 tablespoon of the oil in a glass of water.
  • Drink at least two glasses of the solution in a day
  • Repeat the procedure for a couple of weeks until you get relief

If this treatment doesn’t treat or reduce your symptoms. Seek advice from your doctor for further treatment.

Can One Use Coconut Water For UTI?

Coconut water can also be used to treat UTI. Since it has a natural diuretic, so it can help flush out bacteria from the urinary track, preventing bladder infections and dissolving kidney is useful in combating dysentery and may not kill the virus or bacteria but it provides fluids and nutrients that makes body to fight on its own.

It gives the body power to overcome a number of conditions , it is good in relieving fatigue ,constipation ,kidney and bladder disorders if you drink adequate amount of water will give your body the boost it needs to fight of UTI.

Other remedies to treat UTI

  • Urinate often. According to studies, it has been found that holding urine for a long time allows bacteria to multiply within the urinary .it is also important to urinate after sexual intercourse in order to flush out bacteria that may have entered the urethra.
  • Stay clean and dry especially for women. It is important for them to wear loose-fitting clothes and underwear, which allows air to keep the urethra dry. Avoid nylon and tight jeans because moisture can be trapped, allowing bacteria to grow. Wipe front to back after a bowel movement.
  • Probiotic is the most promising home remedy .This help support the human body normal flora that serve as a line of defense. Eating fermented foods also helps restore the body’s natural flora and recolonize the bladder with helpful bacteria.
  • Drinking unsweetened cranberry juice can reduce the number of UTIs, especially for women who have recurrent UTIs .This works by preventing bacteria from adhering to the urinary tract, thus preventing infection
  • Drinking baking soda neutralizes the acidity in the urine. One teaspoon of baking soda with a glass of water eases the burning sensation.
  • Drinking a lot of water can also help flush away bacteria. Drinking much water will make you pee a lot that will keep bladder empty
  • Take foods that contain vitamin C. Plenty amount of vitamin C makes urine more acidic making bacteria unable to grow in your urinary tract.
  • Irritation in UTI cause pain and burning around your pubic area. Applying a heating pad can help soothe the part, limit your use to avoid burns.
  • Herbal medicines can also help relief the pain. Bearberry leaf is mostly used as a remedy for UTI, but it should be taken only for short time, five days or less as it could cause liver damage.
  • Dieting is very important. Avoid processed food and include protein in your diet, also eat fresh vegetable and fruits can be helpful.
  • Avoid using spermicides. It can increase irritation. Instead use lubricated condoms that does not contain spermicides.
  • Crushed raw garlic has a lot of antimicrobial properties. Garlic has antifungal properties that protects yeast infection

Is coconut oil good for Urinary Tract Infection?

Urinary tract infection can occur at any age .This happens more in woman than men ,taking coconut oil may be able to protect bladder and kidney from infection. It is naturally occurring and is rich in antimicrobial which helps prevent infection if taken in regular basis.

This infection occurs when the primary bacteria agents gets into your kidney and multiplies in the urine .They are easily treated when attended to early ,using the oil is much better since it has a lot of medium chain fatty acids that destroys UTI bacteria.

The oil also help in preventing yeasts , fungi and viruses targeting the bad bacteria without destroying beneficial bacteria unlike taking antibiotics it kills of all bacteria good and bad and sometimes can have side effect and the infection can come back after the treatment.

Coconut oil also has other various health benefits due to nutritional content it has. Some of the benefits are described below;

  • Destroys bacteria that cause ulcer, UTI, pneumonia etc.
  • It helps reduce blood glucose level and symptoms of diabetes.
  • It also improves digestion and absorption of mineral. It has natural saline that helps stop diarrhea, reduces symptoms of stomach ulcers.
  • Kills tapeworms, lice and other parasites.
  • Reduces cholesterol level that benefits heart health
  • Relieves dry skin , preventing wrinkling and sagging skin
  • Helps to maintain health gum also protecting breast and colon cancer

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