Skin Tags on Penis: Pictures, Causes, Removal, Get Rid

Skin tags on penis or genitals including the scrotum, penile shaft and foreskin can be bothersome. They are small flaps of flesh usually attached to the skin. Although they are common, a skin tag will not go away on its own. Here in this post, we will look at how to get rid and remove a skin tag. Read more on the causes and see pictures to understand this condition even better.

Skin tags can appear anywhere on the skin. But if you have skin tag on penis, it is sensitive. It is thus important to understand and learn more about penile skin tags. The causes are many and could mean a number of reasons. Are skin tags similar to genital warts? We shall look at the differences of these two. First, let’s understand what skin tags on penis mean.

Skin tags on penis and penile shaft meaning

These are fleshy outgrowth on the skin surface of penis, penile shaft or foreskin. Most of the skin tags on penis are harmless just like those located on other parts of the body. They are usually located above or under the penile shaft

Apart from the penis, you may develop skin tags on the perineum, foreskin and other private areas. Regardless where the skin tag is located, the properties are all the same. A skin tag on the penile shaft is not different from the one under your arm.

Skin tags are benign therefore noncancerous. It is only for the discomfort especially during sexual intercourse, when wiping, washing or when there’s contact with clothes.

Make sure these are only skin tags but nothing else. Before you try any self – treatment, it is important to determine they are actually benign tags. Skin tags are not likely to fall off or shrink without some treatment and removal methods.

Differences between skin tags and genital warts

Can you differentiate between skin tags and genital warts? Genital is often mistaken for skin tags. Before trying out to get rid of skin tags, you must confirm these fleshy outgrowths on skin are really skin tags and nothing else.

Genital warts occur in both men and women. According to, genital warts are flesh – colored or gray growths in the genital and anal region. Sometimes referred to as Condyloma acuminate, is a sexually transmitted disease caused by a virus called human papilloma virus, HPV.

Genital warts are highly contagious. The risk of contracting is high, you can easily get it through sexual contact from a person who has it.

Unlike genital warts being limited to the genitals and anal areas, skin tags appear anywhere on the skin. Skin tags are usually smoot while genital warts are somehow rough in appearance. See pictures of skin tags on penis to tell how exactly they look like.

Other conditions that are often mistaken for skin tags:

Other than genital warts, there are other skin conditions that can be mistaken for skin tags. They include:

Angiokeratomas of Fordyce

These are benign cutaneous lesion of capillaries, resulting in small marks of red to blue color – Wikipedia. Angiokeratomas of Fordyce on the penis or scrotum are generally asymptomatic. They have a scaly surface appearing on the scrotum and shaft of the penis.

Angiokeratomas are not infectious. They don’t require any treatment


Cysts are noncancerous and appear like a sack structure that contains fluids, gas or pus. Cyst can occur on any part of the body. They tend to vary in size from small to large sizes. Ensure that the bumps on your penis are skin tags and not cysts.


Unlike skin tags, moles are usually small brown or black lumps on the surface of the skin. They are generally benign; some may turn out to be cancerous and should be reported to the doctor. It is wise to different moles from skin tags on the penis. Medical attention may be needed in case the moles turn to be cancerous.

Are skin tags contagious?

Well so far there is no evidence to suggest that skin tags are contagious. You cannot get skin tags from a person suffering from it.

Skin tags on penis pictures

Skin tags pictures are useful. There are various skin infections like warts, moles, cysts and bumps that are often mistaken with skin tags. Below here, we have provided descriptive pictures that can help you tell the differences easily.

What causes skin tag on my penis?

What is the cause of skin tags on penile shaft, foreskin or penis? The exact reason for skin tags hasn’t been determined yet. But dermatologists explain some of the possible reasons to be:

1. Friction or Rubbing

Rubbing the skin around the groins, penis or scrotum could be the reason for developing skin tags around these regions. Skin tags will likely occur in moist areas of the skin with folds. Rubbing or friction of the skin around the penis and scrotum is common and can occur without your knowledge.

2. Hormonal Changes

Skin tags on penis could be as a result of hormonal imbalances in the body. Fluctuations in hormones can be triggered by lifestyle, stress levels and use of certain medications or steroids by men.

3. Obesity

Your weight could be the reason for having skin tags on penis and scrotum. Being overweight or obese can cause an outgrowth of skin around the genitals. Friction and rubbing in obese is inevitable in moist area of the skin typical of the scrotum, inner thighs and buttocks.

4. Genetic Factors

Genetic factors could also be the reason for developing skin tags. Naturally, you may have skin tags due to genetic reasons usually the condition can be present at birth or catch up with you later as you grow. Skin tags could be inherited from parents to their offspring

5. Diabetes

Although skin tags may not necessarily mean an underlying condition, people with diabetes type 2 can develop this condition.

Must you remove skin tags on penis?

Skin tags are harmless and therefore don’t cause any health risk. But still, some men may want to remove the skin tags on penis. Most doctors would advise you to remove skin tags only when they are irritating, causing a discomfort or a cause a cosmetic problem.

Some of the reasons to remove skin tags include:

  • Medical reasons: skin tags can only be removed if they are causing a health risk such as pain, discomfort or obstruction.
  • Cosmetic reasons: if you find the skin tags on your penis unattractive, then you can have them removed.
  • Annoyance reasons: you may have skin tags on penis removed if you feel they are annoying or unsightly. Skin tags can be annoying especially if they are large and embarrassing.

Treatment for skin tags on penis or scrotum

Skin tags on scrotum, penile shaft or penis or any other part of the body aren’t usually cause for concern. They are generally harmless and no treatment is therefore required. Getting rid of a skin tag doesn’t cause others to grow. Once you remove them, that’s it.

Ways to completely destroy skin tags include:

  • Freezing
  • Strangulation
  • Snipping
  • Burning

How to remove skin tags on penis

It is important to know skin tags do not have to be treated. It is therefore an option. We’ve covered both medical and home treatments that can help remove them. Here’s how to remove skin tags:

a) Freezing

Medically referred to as cryotherapy, dermatologist can decide to get rid of skin tags be freezing with liquid nitrogen. The skin tags are subjected to very cold conditions using liquid nitrogen gas. The outgrowths are completely destroyed.

b) Burning

The other skin tags removal technique is through burning. Also known as cauterization, this removal technique uses heat to get rid of skin tags. There are two types of burning method. They include: electrical and chemical cauterization.

c) Surgery

Surgery can also be done to get rid of skin tags on penis. Surgery should be done by a professional medical doctor. There is the possibility of minor bleeding.

d) Tying off the skin tags / Ligation

Skin tags on penis can also be removed through tying off. It is a common procedure. Also known as ligation, your doctor will tie the base of the skin tags, usually close to the skin surface. An appropriate string is usually used. Once the skin tag has been tied, blood and oxygen supplied would have been cut. With time, the skin tags will fall off.

e) Castor Oil method

This is a simple but effective frequently used method to get rid of skin tags. Here’s how to use:

  • Mix a small amount of castor oil and baking soda
  • Add water to form a paste
  • Apply this paste onto the skin tags
  • Leave it for about 10 minutes
  • Repeat this procedure several times a day until the skin tags wither off

Home Remedies To Get Rid of Skin Tags on Penile Skin

A couple of home remedies are effective in getting rid of skin tags on scrotum or penile shaft. You may try the following:

  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Castor oil
  • Baking soda
  • Tea tree oil
  • Duct tape

Although home remedies can get rid of skin tags. You should be careful when using them. Some people have a sensitive skin. It could turn out to be irritating, painful or itchy. If you are not sure what to do, consult your dermatologist to have the skin tags removed professionally.