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If you’ve experienced red spots on penis, you can tell how disgusting and annoying they are.  It is not uncommon for most men to develop itchy dots, bumps or pimples on the head and shaft of penis.  This article offers an insight into some of the possible causes, treatment and how to get rid of the spots at home.

Though they can be really annoying, most of these bumps are harmless and will often time clear even without treatment. Proper and urgent medical treatment and diagnosis are however required to minimize the risk of spreading the bumps or developing serious complications.

Red Spots on Penis - What are they?
Red Spots on Penis – What are they?

Red spots on penile shaft

Though not all red spots on penile shaft are sign of something serious, it is important to have them checked out as soon as possible.  This should be done if the spots take long to clear, become itchy or start to spread to other parts of skin.

Red spots on penis are likely to be any of the following:

1. Septic spots

Septic spots or pimples are common on face and other parts of the body.  These spots can also appear on the penile shaft. Though common in young adults, they can also be seen in old people.

No treatment is required for small spots appearing on this part of the body. They are harmless but you should avoid squeezing to minimize the risk of spreading the infection. Also, avoid sexual contact until the spots have clearly gone. See you doctor is the bumps fail to clear or go away.

2. Genital warts

Genital wart is contagious sexually transmitted disease caused by human papillomavirus. On the penile shaft, warts may appear as s single bump or a collection of bumps around the penis and anus. These bumps often have a smooth surface with a cauliflower-like appearance.

To get rid of warts, treatment may involve both oral and topical medication. In some cases, your dermatologist may recommend a surgical procedure to remove the wart. The most effective treatment option may vary depending on the number and the precise location of warts.

3. Molluscum contagiosum

Also known as MC, this is a chronic viral disorder of the skin. This condition is often characterized by a group of small, smooth and painless pinkish nodules. Apart from skin to skin contact, the infection can also be spread through sharing a towel with an infected person.

Anybody can be infected with this infection, those with weak or compromised immune system are however at an increased risk of picking up the infection. Molluscum rash may cause a firm, small dome-shaped bumps with a central depression. The spots will often occur on the face, arms, neck, armpits, and around the genital.

The infection is however harmless and self-limiting. No treatment is often required as the spots often go down on their own. Treatment is however important to minimize the risk of spread the infection. Treatment may involve topical creams or remove the bumps.

4. Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a non-infectious skin condition that can affect any part of the body including the penis. This conditions often characterized by a red or salmon-colored patch with a white scale on top. Although psoriasis may reoccur after treatment, typical psoriasis will often respond to treatment with steroid cream.

5. Lichen planus

Lichen planus is another skin condition known to cause raised, red, polygonal bumps on the glans of the penis. In some cases, the bumps may have fine streaks whereas in other cases the bumps smooth.

Lichen planus bumps on shaft of penis often appear in a ring or in a line. The bumps may or may not be itchy. This condition is not infectious, and treatment response may vary from one person to the other. Effective treatment involves applying topical corticosteroid over the affected area.

Red bumps on penile shaft

Other possible cause of red bumps on penile shaft will include the following:

6. Fordyce spots

Fordyce spots are tiny spots that commonly appear on the tip and shaft of penis. These spots bumps are more prominent in people with brown or dark skin. These spots are considered a natural part structure of the penis.

Some men may also develop these bumps around lip. They are harmless and not transmitted through sexual contact. In most of the cases, no treatment is required, however, have your dermatologists look at them if they are bothering you are they take long to go away.

7. Ingrown hair

Ingrown hair bumps on shaft of penis can also be the cause of the red bumps. Most men have quite a few hair growing around the base of the penis, in most cases, the hair may extend some on the penile shaft.

Ingrown hair or hair follicle bumps are often nothing to worry about. They develop after shaving when the hair curls and grows back into the skin.  Poor hygiene that clogs the pores can also cause the hair to grow underneath the skin forming the bumps.

8. Herpes

Herpes is an STD caused by herpes simplex virus. This infection is characterized by a cluster of small blisters that busts and evolve into painful sores that eventually scab over.

The first episode of herpes is often associated with pain and flu-like symptoms. These symptoms may be milder in cases of recurrent infections. Not very body with genital herpes develop the sores.

Currently, there is no cure for genital warts, there is however some medication that can help shorten the duration of the bumps and lessen the pain. With this sores, you need to avoid sex as the virus is highly contagious.

9. Dry penile skin

The red spots can also be caused by dry skin. Your penile skin is likely to become dry as a result of washing the area so much especially using soap.

10. Allergy

Bumps on shaft of penis may also result from an allergic reaction of the skin. It is possible for your penile skin to be allergic to a certain soap, condom latex, or even to your undergarments. An allergic reaction can be irritating and lead to the development of itchy and painful spots.

An allergic reaction will cause the skin to itch and turn red due to inflammation.

11. Bacterial infection

Bacterial infection is also a possible cause of itchy, painful, and red small spots on penis. In most of the cases, the bumps may also be accompanied by a foul odor. When this is the cause of the bumps, more often, topical or oral antibiotics are the most effective treatment option.

Red spots on penile head itch

The red spots on your penile head are most likely to be pearly penile papules. Also known as hirsutoid papilloma, these are small, skin-colored bumps that often form on the head of the penis. By definition, a papule is a raised, pimple like growth on the skin that does not produce pus.

Itchy Red Spots on Penis
Itchy Red Spots on Penis

While the bumps may appear alarming, they are harmless. They are common after puberty, though they can appear in all males, they are more common in those who are not circumcised. Pearly penile papules do not appear to have any outside cause. In most of the cases, the bumps are often mistaken for a sign of a sexually transmitted infection.

PPP will do not cause symptoms, they can, however, be identified by the following characteristics:

  • Bumps that form 1 or 2 rows around the base of the glans of penis
  • They are smooth growths
  • They appear as tiny itchy bumps on head and shaft of penis
  • Bumps that measure 1-4 mm in diameter

Big red bumps on penile shaft

Characteristics of penile bumps will often vary in shape, color, and size depending on what the underlying cause is. Some bumps may be small whereas others are big. In other cases, some might be itchy or painful whereas others are not.

Though not always, bumps on penile shaft or around the groin may be accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • Mild to severe itching around the groin
  • Redness around the  penile shaft
  • Small bumps on shaft of penis
  • Foul or unpleasant smell around the  groin

Small or little red dots on penile shaft

A rash characterized by small, or little dots or spots can appear on any part of the body. It is common to have this rash on face, legs or arm but the truth is that the rush can appear anywhere including on your penile shaft.

Possible causes little red dots on shaft of penis will include:

1. Balanitis

Balanitis is a bacterial infection that can make you uncomfortable. It causes the end of the penis and the loose flap of skin to become very sensitive. This condition can be treated and is often easy to prevent. Though anybody can get this condition it is less common in uncircumcised men.

itchBalanitis PicturePoor personal hygiene and use of harsh chemical can trigger this infection. Balanitis can happen in those with uncontrolled diabetes or occur as a medication side effect.

2. Drug rush

A drug rush can also cause these small dots on shaft of skin. In this form of a rash, the bumps are triggered by an allergic reaction to prescribed drugs.

When this is the cause of the bumps, discontinue the use of the drug and seek urgent medical attention. In some cases, antibiotics, and over the counter pain relievers can be used to soothe the symptoms.

3. Contact dermatitis

The small dots can also be a sign of contact dermatitis. Contact dermatitis is a red itchy rash caused by direct contact with substance or an allergic reaction of the skin. An outbreak will usually develop within a few minutes to a couple of hours after the contact.

Red Patch on Penis
Red Patch on Penis

The rash is not contagious it may, however, linger for up to a month. If you develop the rash after using a certain skin product, discontinue the use and see your doctor if the little dots take long to clear.

Little red bumps on penile shaft

When appearing as itchy patches on tip and shaft if penis the bumps might be caused by the following:

4. Yeast infection

Tough common in women, men too can develop a yeast infection. Yeast infection is often characterized by painful rash and redness on the underside the penis.

Humid condition and a week or compromised immune system can cause the infection to multiply. There are some over the counter antibiotics that can kill the bacteria that causes the yeast to overgrow thus help keep the infection in check.

5. Syphilis

This rash is linked to the second stage of a sexually transmitted infection. It can be shown by a large, raised gray lesion on the genitals. Syphilis sores do not itchy thus they may at times go unnoticed. Lack of proper medical care can lead to serious health problems.

Red patch on penile shaft

As said, spots or abnormal patches on penis will in most cases be a sign of different skin condition. Most often than not, red patches on penile shaft can be a sign of molluscum contagiousum. MC is a chronic viral disorder of the skin often characterized by a group of small, painless nodules with a central depression.

With MC, the lesions are usually 2-6 m across a central dimple. The spots are firm, raised and painless and will often appear in clusters. This is how the red patches are formed. The bumps may rupture to give a whitish or yellowish substance.

The virus is highly infectious. To reduce the risk of transmission and spreading it to other parts of your body, we recommend you see your healthcare provider before you attempt to treat or manage the patch at home.

Treatment for Red bumps or Spots on Penile shaft

Though most of the bumps or spots are harmless, treatment if often recommend to manage the symptoms and reduce the risk of transmission. Treatment options will often vary depending on what the underlying cause of the spots is.

Diagnosis can usually be made simply by examining the appearance of the spots. Some of the most commonly used treatment options include:

  1. Cryosurgery is a medical procedure that uses extreme cold (liquid nitrogen) to freeze skin bumps to get rid of them
  2. Excisional surgery involves using traditional tools such as a scalpel to physically get rid of bumps and growths on skin
  3. Radiosurgery uses high-frequency radiations to destroy skin growths and bumps. One of the most effective and safe such procedure is carbon dioxide laser surgery
  4. anti-itching creams may also be used to soothe the itching and reduce the irritation caused by the spots on tip and shaft of penis
  5. Oral and topical antibiotics cream may be used in cases of bacterial infection causing the spots.
  6. Oral and topical corticosteroid cream may be prescribed for large or swollen bumps to relieve the inflammation. Some of these creams are also available over-the-counter.

How to get rid of red dots, spots or Bumps on penile shaft

Apart from the treatment options above, there are also some effective natural remedies you can use to get rid of red spots on tip and shaft of penis. When the cause of the spots are an allergic reaction, contact dermatitis or septic spots, the following remedies will help relieve the symptoms and speed up the healing process.

  • For dry skin, simply apply some fresh coconut oilto soothe the itching. this remedy  is effective especially when the bumps are a sign of jock itch or eczema among other skin conditions
  • You can also apply fresh Aloe Vera gelto manage severe itching and inflammation. The gel is antibiotic and thus can help prevent the bumps from becoming infected.
  • Apple cider vinegarand tea tree oil are also great remedies you can use to naturally get rid of red spots on penis.


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