Sores on Penile Skin, Causes, Pictures, How to Get Rid

What does it mean when you have sores on penis? Could the painful sores on your penis a sign of STD such as syphylis or herpes? Get more insight on the causes, pictures, symptoms  and how to get rid of them easily without damaging the penis shaft.

The appearance of sores and blisters on penis shaft can be so embarrassing and create a lot of discomfort in every man.

Sores on Penis

The occurrence of sores on the penis can be due to several conditions ranging from sexually transmitted infections to non-sexually transmitted infections.

Some sores can be harmless but you might experience pain especially during erection time and when passing urine.  Discover more from the information provided below about the causes and symptoms that appear from the underlying conditions.


The causes include:

1. Rough sexual intercouse

This is one of the many reasons behind sustaining sores on the penile shaft. Lack of enough lubrication during vigorous sex can result I soreness on the shaft of your penis.

Therefore, if your partner does not produce adequate lubricant for smooth sex, I recommend you visit a physician to get something that can help reduce friction during having dry sex.

2. Masturbation

Since the skin of your penile shaft is delicate, constant masturbation would result in friction that can leave your penis with sores that hurts more.

You may also experience severe burn on the penis and it will hinder you from doing so again since there will scabbing. Scars will appear later after complete healing and guess how your penile shaft will look like.

3. Latex Allergy

There are some people who are allergic to rubber and latex. After using condoms, some people may experience itching and swelling of their penis.

Constant scratching of the penis shaft and balls may result in development of sores since the sharp fingernails can cause the injury during the process.

4. Syphilis infection

Soreness on the penis occurs due to formation of blisters that get burst after some time. Blisters are the main symptom of syphilis infection in the body.

The blisters can disappear after some time but syphilis will remain in the body. If it remains untreated, it will result in serious complications.

5. Bullous Impetigo

This condition is known to appearing on any part of the body most particularly the genital region. It results in formation of blisters due to bacteria invasion in the sweaty region.

Once the blisters burst, it hurts so much and you may experience sores on the penile shaft which later after healing will form scars.

6. Pemphigus

This is a skin lesion that is limited to penis and it is a rare condition. it is characterized by blistering and erosion on the skin of the penis.

It recommended consulting a medical professional before trying attempt to cure on your own some of this lesion using over the counter medicines.

7. Genital herpes

This one of the sexually transmitted infection that majority of people are always caught unaware. It is a viral infection that might result in painful blisters on penis.

Sores on Penis could be STD such as Herpes

After some weeks the blisters break out, and started to scab before healing. In the process of scabbing, you are likely to experience sores on the penis.

8. Yeast infection

This is the major source of sores on the shaft of the penis and it is marked by swollen, red, irritate or itchy shaft. The condition is more common in women but men are no exception to.

9. Psoriasis

This is a skin condition that result in development of pimples or certain small rashes. The penis can become reddish due to constant itching and this will in turn cause sores after sometime.

10. Penile ring

Those individuals with long penis, they will mostly require penis ring to mark the point when having sex. This ring due to friction can result in eruption of sores on the penis after sometime.

11. Scabies Mites

These are small itchy mites that may trigger irritation and the agitation to scratch the balls and the penis. Continuous scratching on the region will result in sores on penis and formation of tiny rashes that can be troublesome.

12. Urinary tract infection

This infection is more common among women than in men. Men get UTI due to bacterial infection from women during sex. They experience pain while urinating.

This infection also, may lead to formation of sores on the penis and urination of smelly urine. It is recommended to seek proper medication since it could result into a complicated problem.

a) Gonorrhea and LVG

These diseases are known to be sexually transmitted and are led by the same bacteria. They are characterized by infected sores on penis. The infected person will also experience swollen lump that could be either painful or painless.

b) Penile shaft cancer

Although this condition is uncommon, but there are some factors that can increase the risk of getting it. Those individuals who have poor personal hygiene are susceptible of getting this and also those who are heavy smokers of tobacco.

c) Priapism

These conditions whereby one may experience prolong erection without planning for a sexual intercourse.  It can be extremely painful and sore especially on the erectile muscle.

d) Allergic reactions

The detergents and shampoos we use when they come into contact with penis shaft, some people may experience itching the may lead to sores on penis.

This could appear in form of sores from rashes or skin eczema and if they remain untreated, the rashes open up and leave an open wound that is sore.

e) Scab on penis

A fresh scab on the penile shaft can create sores on the penis. The soreness around the scab can be aggravated the urge to scratch and pus filled blisters may also appear.

If it remains untreated for long time, it will result in peeling of shaft skin and it is recommended to be treating on time to avoid such complications.

Syphilis Blister

Syphilis is a form of sexually transmitted infection that highly pass from one person to another sexually, orally and anal sex.

Small Blisters on Penis

In most occasions the infection pass from sores on the penis but it goes unnoticed by most people. The research shows that pregnant women can also pass the infection to the unborn babies in the womb.

The main symptom is the painless sores that are also known as chancre that you might not notice. In men the first sign of syphilis is the appearance of a pimple, a blister, or an open sore on the head of penis.

If the condition remains untreated, you may end up experiencing a sore throat, mild fever, mouth sores, swollen joints, or a rash on the belly, feet and hands.

Non STD Lesions

These are basically skin rashes around the penile shaft and balls in men. The conditions are caused by a number of underlying health problems.

The skin lesion can be reddish in color, painful or itchy, and also may include bumps or sores around the penis. In case you experience unexplained lesion around the genital region, you better seek for medication.

There are a number of causes of non-STD lesions on the penis. They include:

  • Fungal infection also known as Jock itch or appearance of ringworms
  • Diaper infection that is a yeast infection and commonly affect babies.
  • Molluscum contagiosum that is a viral infection that result into itchy bumps
  • Balanitis is known commonly to affect foreskin of the penis that causes itchiness, reddish and discharge.
  • Attack by pubic lice that cause itchiness and sometimes sores.
  • Scabies result in to itchy skin rashes and they are known to be caused by small mites.

Chancroid Ulcer

This is a bacterium infection that causes open sores on penis or other affected tissues. This condition is more prevalent in both men and women.

In most cases the condition can spread from one person to another when the ulcer bleed and produce a contagious fluid that can spread bacteria causing the diseases.

Most men will notice the appearance of a small, red bump on the penile shaft that may change to an open sore within some two or one day. The ulcer may appear on any area of the following genitals, including the penis and scrotum.

In women, the condition leads to the development of red bumps on the labia, between the labia and anus, or on the thighs.

Also, women may experience a burning or painful sensation during urination or bowel movements and this more common when the bumps are ulcerated, or open.

Pain in Penis While Passing Urine

Most pain in penis during urination is usually associated with sexually transmitted diseases. The following are some the infections leading these conditions:

  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhea
  • Genital Herpes
  • Syphilis

Also, attacked by urinary tract infection (UTI) that is caused by bacteria can result in the condition since they do infect the urethra. The infection more prevalent under the following circumstances:

  • Individuals with weak immune system
  • Uncircumcised men
  • Blockage of urinary tract
  • Lack of protection while having sex with infected person
  • Those used to anal sex
  • Individuals with an enlarged prostate

Balanitis Pictures

This condition occurs as a result of a skin disease, such as psoriasis. Penile shaft skin psoriasis can occur without having it anywhere else on the body.

Balanitis Picture

It looks like red and shiny on the penis head or shaft, unlike other parts of the body. In case you opt to use antifungal expect no improvement at all unless you visit a medical professional for examination.

Other factors that may lead to balanitis include:

1. Poor hygiene

If uncircumcised people observe poor hygiene, they become susceptible of getting this condition with no reasonable doubt.

2. Irritation

Coming into contact with certain irritants such as chemicals in detergents, exspecially those used in washing cloths can result in these lesions on the skin.

3. Trauma

Any injuries or trauma that happens on the head of the penis can result in inflammation or swellings.

4. Diabetes

Individuals diagnosed with this disease are more prone of experiencing this condition.

5. Yeast infection

In case you experience more of inflammation, it is likely the Balanitis.

6. Sexual contact

In rare case does sexual contact do but sexual intercourse with infected person can pass from one person to next.

Male Candidiasis

Can men get yeast infections? Yes. Although they are usually associated with women, they also do occur in men.

Yeast infection on the penile shaft is known as candidal balanoposthitis. The condition is more prevalent to those men who are uncircumcised.

Here are some of the symptoms and signs associated with this condition:

  • Moist skin on the shaft of the penis
  • Shiny, white skin on the penis
  • Burning and itching sensation on the penis

Burning Tip of Urethra No STD

Inverse psoriasis is the most common skin disease that affect the head of penis result I itching and burning sensations. It causes lesions that might end up leading to sores on penis shaft.

Also, attack by ringworms infection that spread from any part of the body up to genital area and in men it forms on the head of penis. The tiny rashes can create sores on penis head.

Latex allergy from the condoms men use when having safe sex can also be a factor behind irritations and burning urge at the tip or head of the penis.

Itchy Red Bumps on Penile Tip

Some pimples or bumps on the penis can keep on growing bigger and they can trigger the urge of itching result in sore penile shaft. The appearance of red pimples on the shaft can be a sign of fungal infection. In case of those pimples that look like cyst, they imply the bacterial infection that is spreading slowly.

Eczema on Penis could be the cause of itchy painful sores

Lichen planus can also result in sores on the head, and shaft of the penis. The infection is contagious as it also attacks other parts of the body that is close to the groin region like buttocks.

How to Get Rid of sore on Penile Skin

It is recommended to use home remedies once they have been approved by a medical professional. These home remedies helps in healing the sores on penis but prescription from doctors can heal faster.

Home remedies include:

a) Use of baking soda

It helps to relieve itching, pain and inflammation. Again, they also have the cooling effect on burning sensations.

  • Apply a thick paste of baking soda on the sores on the penis shaft
  • Allow it to settle for some time until allow the pain and itching disappears.
  • Rinse it off and gently pat it to dry
  • Repeat the step again until you see result

b) Tea tree oil

It is antibacterial and anti-fungal in nature; therefore they can relieve the irritation and pain. It is not to use tree oil on the penis head in case you have allergy.

c) Lavender Oil

It contains antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties that help to get rid of all type of sores that do occur on the penis.

d) Vaseline

It is recommended to be applied to all forms of sores on penis. It keep the penis sore soft and thus prevent it from cracking and formation of scabs.

e) Oregano Oil

Research shows that it has antiviral features that help to fasten the healing of sores that occurs due to bursting of blisters. Apply the oil directly on the affected area.

f) Soap and Warm Water

Use warm water to soak the sore in order to ease the pain and itching effect. You can also wash the area using soap in order to get rid of infectious bacteria.

g) Aloe Vera Gel

It contains healing properties that proves to be effective on the blisters from herpes. They help to ease the itching and redness around the penile shaft. Use fresh aloe Vera on the sores.

h) Jojoba Oil

It has healing properties that helps to prevent further infection and invasion on the sores that occurs on the penis. It has wax ester that enhances natural miniaturization of the shaft.

Medical treatments of sores on the penile skin include:

Medical treatments to cure sores on your penis include the following:

1. Antibiotics

These can be prescribed by the doctor especially to the patient suffering from gonorrhea and syphilis. These antibiotics can be used to treat UTIs.

2. Permethrin cream

It helps to get rid of scabies and kill all the eggs in order to avoid increase infections. It is only prescribed by the medical professional after being examined with this disease.

3. Hydrocortisone

This is a weak steroid cream that can be used in region where is delicate and soft skin tissues like groin area. Apply the cream on the affected part of the penis directly according to the instruction given by the doctor.

4. Anti-fungal creams

After diagnosis, the doctor can instruct on how to use them in order to curb the situation. It is not advisable to use the cream without getting instruction from the doctor or without prescription from a professional medical officer.

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